•Still going.

•And it continues. Haven’t even posted and iAntiYou and KittieMeow are running their mouths about me still. It honestly feels kinda cool to have people so obsessed with me, that they don’t even worry about their own lives because they are too busy worrying about mine. 😂

•I’d like to clear the air here. I do NOT have Bi Polar Disorder. I have BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER. My BPD doesn’t cause anger issues, like Kai seems to think… It causes other problems like suicidal thoughts and severe depression. I don’t get angry. Not from any disorder at least.

•My boyfriend makes plenty of money to take Care of us and that’s all that matters.. $350 a week is ALOT more than most people make. Idk if Kai is jealous of my successful IRL relationship, but idk why she always has to bring it up. She’s always bashing my boyfriend, who she constantly says is cute and hot, and then tries to claim she only says it to “piss me off.” But if that was the case, she wouldnt keep trying to add him and message him constantly. (Which I can show proof of.)



🖤Me not working has NOTHING to do with my BPD. I don’t work because I have an inner ear disorder (Menieres Disease) that constantly makes me feel off balance and very dizzy that I was recently diagnosed with. I have been struggling with Vertigo for 2 years and they couldnt figure out what was wrong… But my disorder causes me to not be able to walk correctly and I could have an episode at any time, and fall over and hit my head, or cause a serious injury… I was put on Meclizine for it, but it makes me very drowsy, which is why I tend to sleep alot some days.. So that is why I am unable to work… I didnt want people to know about my disease for fear of being judged… But I cant take Kai assuming she knows why I dont work…

🖤I lied and said I didnt work because of my mental issues, because this was apart of my life I didnt want to share with others yet… But maybe she will stop attacking me about being jobless if she knows the truth… So Kai really needs to stop bringing up about me not working now… Because I am unable to for a very valid reason… However, I do at home jobs… Like babysitting or pet sitting… And I also cook, clean, do laundry, etc… I don’t just sit at home and do nothing all day… •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

•And it continues… But at least Arihiro defended me. That means a lot…

• Here we have Kai bashing DarkChaoticBeast one minute and literally seconds later, trying to act nice to her and bashing me even tho I haven’t been responding. Yet I’m the one that’s the bully? Kai CLEARLY has more mental instabilities than me. Also, saying I have screenshots, means I’m threatening Someone? Maybe she’s the one that needs to go back to school.

•And it continues with KaiKitsvne, DarkChaoticBeast, and iAntiYou. And now MaxSoulHunter has to get involved too…

•Love how I say something nice to Kaitlyn aka Dark and I get attacked. Its whatever. All they are doing is proving to everyone they are the bullies and not me. Kai is even directly making threats toward me on pulse and then saying I’m the one who’s going to need to watch my back IRL.

•I also posted proof I didnt bash Kaitlyn. Yet she decided to attack me…

•Zuzu is not me or my boyfriend… Just so y’all know. She’s a friend of mine… Actually told her to stop commenting and ignore her…

•Anti still running her mouth and accusing me of being other people… Yet earlier made crap comments about me falsely accusing accounts of being people’s… Pot calling a Kettle black isn’t it…

•I’ve been talking to a couple people on telegram, and dealing with stuff IRL… I may have to go to the ER for CO2 poisoning… The generator we have in our house has some sort of blockage and our CO2 alarm might go off… Yay… So I don’t have time to deal with drama.

•Starting off the day great! Getting attacked by iAntiYou because HER friend added ME. I simply made a post asking if anyone knew of any decent animes to watch. Her friend added me and commented on my post, and I get attacked for it, because this girl is a Negative Nancy and can’t stfu for once in her life. If anyone ever meets this girl, you’ll even get tired of her. All she does is bitch about people constantly. Then she wonders why she doesn’t have any friends.

•Also love being attacked by her friend when she’s the one who added me. And she’s accusing me of messing with Anti and her husband. I have had them blocked since August 2019.



Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture – Marriage Story

77th Annual Golden Globe Awards — January 5, 2020