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“I do the same thing. I’m not into forgiveness either.”

“Really? Who do you not forgive?

Madeline Martha Mackenzie Aesthetic 

Jane Chapman Aesthetic 

“Jane Chapman? She’s insane too.”

Okay I just want to say thank you all so much for 500 followers! I know I haven’t been posting as frequently as when the show was just airing, but I promise to be more active in the future. Thanks for sticking with me and sharing my love for this amazing show. The results at the Emmys just made my entire week! Hoping this means there will be a season 2!!! 

Big Little Lies + Hogwarts Houses:

Nathan – Gryffindor  

Despite not always carrying it out, Nathan values bravery, which is why he gets so fired up when Ed threatens him.  He thinks those he cares about deserve respect, but less focused on honesty and trust than a Hufflepuff.

Jane – Gryffindor 

Her quote to her son “everyday we be brave” she values that most. Also valuing chilvary which is why she is so affected by those mistreating her child. 

Celeste – Ravenclaw  

Celeste enjoys the methodicalness of being a lawyer. “I can’t decide whether or not I’m sad” shows that she looks at even her own emotions and situation in a very logical way, albeit in denial and trauma. 

Perry – Ravenclaw

It was truly quite hard to sort Perry, simply due to all the hate I have towards him. But being a bad person doesn’t make you a Slytherin. Whilst he appears ‘cunning’ through his lying, he views everything very methodically. With warped views of right and wrong he just values intelligence and his intelligence to control his children, his wife, and his homelife to perfection, with nothing going wrong.

Ed – Hufflepuff  

Will fight those who cross those he loves. Loyal to his wife. Open and honest, willing to fight Nathan, speaks honestly throughout the show.

Bonnie – Hufflepuff 

She is loyal to her family and caring forgiving of all within reason. Her pushing of Perry is not an act of Gryffindor bravery but rather her response to someone betraying the trust of those she cares about (and also her own childhood trauma of course).

Renata – Slytherin

Renarta is cunning with other mums and clearly has ambitious visions for her daughter and herself.

Madeline – Slytherin

Madeline was a hard choice between Hufflepuff and Slytherin. She has both the trustworthiness in her character and strong loyalty to her friends, as seen through looking after Jane. However her cunningness through attempting to manipulate those around her, coupled with her strong ambitions to: make the play work, help/save Jane, and win her daughter back, make her Slytherin traits something she clearly values more. Her cunning nature and ambitions outweigh her few Hufflepuff-like traits in my opinion.