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Let’s get out of here. What is that?



“The children are constantly bombarded with climate change. It’s all over the news.”


“Could it be Madeline was just trying to get your attention?”



Zoë Kravitz as Bonny Carlson in Big Little Lies


You know, I think part of the problem iswe lie to our kids. We fill their heads full of Santa Claus and stories with happy endings, when most of us know most endings to most stories fucking suck. Right? Lets just get real. There arent a lot of happy endings for a lot of people, you know. Be it climate change, be it guns in schools. And our kids are afraid. Theyre afraid to go to school. Theyre afraid theyre gonna get shot. We dont prepare them. We fill their heads full of happy endings and happy stories and lies. And we tell them things like, Youre fine. Youre gonna be fine. And we tell ourselves were gonna be fine. But were not.
BIG LITTLE LIES: The End of the World


I will be rich again. I will rise up.

Big Little Lies 2×03: The End of the World