•Pfft. Love how Kittie and Anti are so obsessed with MY life and MY relationship. Its no wonder neither of them have very many friends. 😂

•Even if my boyfriend ever did say that to or about me (which we all know he didn’t,) him and I are still together. These dumb drama queens aren’t going to break up a 3 year IRL relationship so idk why they keep trying. You can tell they are jealous of me. Because they wouldn’t keep trying to break us up all the time. Maybe if they didn’t act so childish and bitch all the time, they could find a real boyfriend. And actually be happy, instead of complaining about everyone and everything on pulse. They hate everyone. And that’s going to make for a very lonely life for them.

•I don’t think Anti realizes that continuously making transphobic comments about my boyfriend can get her banned. My boyfriend is a male and also a female. He’s BI Gender.

•Stupid pussy. Skye is my boyfriends sisters name, who died when she was two years old from brain cancer. He doesn’t use the name Skye on IMVU. So dont try and say hes someone hes not, you dumb 40 year old. He doesnt do girly stuff on IMVU because he doesnt use IMVU.

•Also, I swear Kii and Anti are the same person. Because they attack people who are saying and doing NOTHING to them.