•And still talking about me 11 hours later.

This is what iSocket (aka iWitchi), MrMaxSoulHunter, iAntiYou, and KaiKitsvne do 24-7.

•Anti is obsessed with the idea that I want her man. I’m taken and engaged IRL. Why would I throw a REAL relationship away for a fake online fling with a guy who’s a cheating scumbag? Not to mention, I moved 19 hours away from where I’m from to be with my IRL fiance. Also he’s never flirted with other girls. A girl lied to me and admitted it. Seems to me like Anti is the jealous one, because I have a good REAL man in my life, and she’s stuck with a fake online relationship with a guy who cheats on her.

•And she’s still obsessing saying I want her man and I’m lying about everything on my blog. Im starting to think her and her man are the same person, and maybe she has some huge crush on me, and maybe she wants me, so she’s pretending other stuff. Too bad I’m not into women.