IMVU Hacker Alert


The user we are about to show has been making accounts using similar last names the user stalks. One of them is Kness related to xXChaoticBeastXx and the other McDowell related to IKirishima on IMVU. 

  • LegacyRoseMcDowell – 260872576
  • PrincessKness – 231421876
  • Valentines793 – 259874039
  • TiffaniRoseMcDowell (Disabled Account)
  • KaitlynJuliaMess – 215586522

This user goes by the name “Nae” she has several IMVU accounts that have not been found but will be found eventually. Watch out for this crazy hacker adding people she is stalking using their real-life names. We do have information that this user made an account a few days ago using IKirishima’s real-life name as an account username which that account got banned.

•Here we have KaiKitsvne who has been known in the past to make accounts acting like me and Dark pretending someone else is making accounts. Chick even messaged me and you can tell its Kai talking.

•She even blocked me after I called her out. Do people really think I’m that stupid?