•And still going. I guess posting screenshots of stuff THEY are saying TO ME, and explaining things and defending myself and my boyfriend is bashing and attacking people now.

•Pfft. Love how Kittie and Anti are so obsessed with MY life and MY relationship. Its no wonder neither of them have very many friends. 😂

•Even if my boyfriend ever did say that to or about me (which we all know he didn’t,) him and I are still together. These dumb drama queens aren’t going to break up a 3 year IRL relationship so idk why they keep trying. You can tell they are jealous of me. Because they wouldn’t keep trying to break us up all the time. Maybe if they didn’t act so childish and bitch all the time, they could find a real boyfriend. And actually be happy, instead of complaining about everyone and everything on pulse. They hate everyone. And that’s going to make for a very lonely life for them.

•I don’t think Anti realizes that continuously making transphobic comments about my boyfriend can get her banned. My boyfriend is a male and also a female. He’s BI Gender.

•Stupid pussy. Skye is my boyfriends sisters name, who died when she was two years old from brain cancer. He doesn’t use the name Skye on IMVU. So dont try and say hes someone hes not, you dumb 40 year old. He doesnt do girly stuff on IMVU because he doesnt use IMVU.

•Also, I swear Kii and Anti are the same person. Because they attack people who are saying and doing NOTHING to them.

•KittieMeow and iAntiYou starting off early bitching to and about people. Do they ever stop? Like jfc. Leave people alone. We get it Anti, you hate everyone and block anyone just for breathing and existing. And Kittie we get it, you’re a bitter old woman who sits on pulse 24-7 voicing her anger at innocent people, because she’s miserable with her own life.

•This was sent to me this morning. Apparently Anti is now telling people that my own fiance claimed he wanted me dead? My man doesn’t even get on IMVU. And would NEVER say he wanted me to die. And my “girly” boyfriend doesn’t control me. I’m 10 years older than him. I do what I want. Nobody controls me. I’m a grown adult. But the reason you “couldn’t find the screenshots” is because there are none. You call me a pathological liar. When really, its you.


The user we are about to show has been making accounts using similar last names the user stalks. One of them is Kness related to xXChaoticBeastXx and the other McDowell related to IKirishima on IMVU. 

  • LegacyRoseMcDowell – 260872576
  • PrincessKness – 231421876
  • Valentines793 – 259874039
  • TiffaniRoseMcDowell (Disabled Account)
  • KaitlynJuliaMess – 215586522

This user goes by the name “Nae” she has several IMVU accounts that have not been found but will be found eventually. Watch out for this crazy hacker adding people she is stalking using their real-life names. We do have information that this user made an account a few days ago using IKirishima’s real-life name as an account username which that account got banned.

•Here we have KaiKitsvne who has been known in the past to make accounts acting like me and Dark pretending someone else is making accounts. Chick even messaged me and you can tell its Kai talking.

•She even blocked me after I called her out. Do people really think I’m that stupid?

•People are still going off on my babe, and its 1:16am. I guess Kittie, Anti, and Max don’t have jobs and don’t need sleep like normal people. But I do need to get to bed. If any of you take screenshots, feel free to send them to me in the Am

•Just so everyone knows, I told him to block her, and delete all his posts and just ignore it. They will never stop, and I don’t need my Significant other being attacked by people who never know when to stop. They don’t even just attack me. They attack anyone and everyone who doesnt like them… So no point in him continuing.

•I love my man. 😂 Also, love how they say I’m “jealous” of them. My boyfriend and I have everything we need. We have each other, we have a stable roof over our head, both have jobs. What do they have for me to be jealous of? Antis man can’t even type English correctly. Which is another reason I’m fairly sure Anti role plays as her own boyfriend, just like Max role plays as her own girlfriend. So if anyones jealous, my bet is THEY are jealous of me. 😂

•Also @Max. I can’t do two things at once. That’s my man talking. I’m just taking screenshots and posting on my blog.

•Wowwwwww. I can’t believe the lies spewing out of Kate aka Max’s mouth to people… I am NOT and never have been attracted to women. I’d love for her to produce screenshots of me saying that. What a crock of BS. Everyone knows I have never been attracted to females. I REALLY don’t know what her or Antis obsession is, with claiming I want them or their significant others. Even my ex’s would admit I never cheated on them. Ive also never had a girlfriend since I was 15 years old. I dated ONE girl my whole life, because I was going through a phase at that age. And I found out, I’m not into females. Period.

•Also I’ll post a photo of Katelyn aka MrMaxSoulHunter. Looks bald to me. But what do I know. I guess I’m just seeing things. And no I’m not bashing her for being bald. 2 of my family members have alopecia. Im just saying im not attracted to bald anything. Not even men.

•MrMaxSoulHunter aka Kate

•And still talking about me 11 hours later.

This is what iSocket (aka iWitchi), MrMaxSoulHunter, iAntiYou, and KaiKitsvne do 24-7.

•Anti is obsessed with the idea that I want her man. I’m taken and engaged IRL. Why would I throw a REAL relationship away for a fake online fling with a guy who’s a cheating scumbag? Not to mention, I moved 19 hours away from where I’m from to be with my IRL fiance. Also he’s never flirted with other girls. A girl lied to me and admitted it. Seems to me like Anti is the jealous one, because I have a good REAL man in my life, and she’s stuck with a fake online relationship with a guy who cheats on her.

•And she’s still obsessing saying I want her man and I’m lying about everything on my blog. Im starting to think her and her man are the same person, and maybe she has some huge crush on me, and maybe she wants me, so she’s pretending other stuff. Too bad I’m not into women.

•I love how Kaitlyn comments on my friends post, spreading lies and bashing me, while trying to say she’s “done with drama.” What she doesn’t know is, Ju is someone I’ve known for 4.5 years, who’s seen all the convos ive ever had with her and anyone else. She knew Kaitlyn was full of crap.